Bloober Team reveals the games it’s working on ASAP

CEO Piotr Babieno reacts to this during a Interview with IGN Indirectly based on rumors that the studio is working on a remake of Silent Hill 2. Insider Nate the Hate Referred to earlier this week to listen to that. Konami is said to be working with external partners on several Silent Hill games, including the new version jointly with Bloober Team. last week Leaked footage Silent Hill’s new potential game.

Papineau said he couldn’t respond to the rumours, despite announcing already last year a collaboration with Konami and that the Blooper team was working on an existing horror franchise for the publisher. “We cannot comment on anything because we value the relationships we have with our partners.” He continues, “But we will announce our future projects as soon as possible. Then you will know a lot. Officially.”

Babieno also noted that it’s important for a developer to be able to put their own spin on the games they make, even if they’re a franchise from another publisher. “If we can’t tell our story and get our creative freedom, it doesn’t make sense because Bloober won’t make a great game. If you’re trapped, you can’t fly.”

At least no new Silent Hill game or a remake of an earlier part of Silent Hill has been officially announced at the moment.

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