Bobby leaves “Queer Eye” and is replaced by another interior designer in season nine

Good and bad news for fans Strange eye. There will be a ninth season of the series, but viewers will have to say goodbye to one of the members of the Fab Five. Interior designer Bobby Berk will no longer appear in the series. He will be replaced by newcomer Jeremiah Brent.

Season eight of Strange eye Available on Netflix. In it, the Fab Five, consisting of Bobby, Jonathan, Tan, Karamo and Anthony, start working again with different people. Heroes. For the second season in a row, this happened in New Orleans.

Next season, the group will move to Las Vegas, but one of the men will be replaced by a newcomer.

Strange eye

In 2018 it was Strange eye One of the few reality shows on Netflix. In the meantime, many new series have been added, but that’s still the case Strange eye One of the crowd favorites. In the series, five makeup artists work with a new participant in each episode.

Tan takes charge of costume changes, Jonathan helps guests with haircuts and facials, Bobby takes care of their house and interior decor, Anthony helps in the kitchen, and Karamo gives the nominees a personal boost. The series has now become a permanent staple and the collection has also been hugely popular, but something major is now about to change.

Jeremiah Brent

After Season 8, Bobby Berk announced that he would no longer appear in the new season. Filming for this season will begin this spring and will likely air in late 2024 or early 2025. But instead of Bobby, Jeremiah will be in charge of the inside.

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Jeremiah Brent is a New York-based designer who has his own company in both New York and Los Angeles. Her husband, Nate, also works as an interior designer and they have already appeared together, among other things Nate and Jeremiah’s house project. Brent was also on the reality series Say I will On Netflix.

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