Bond admits: There is a greater chance of aggressive behavior in tennis | another sport

Tennis Association KNLTB says in response to an article by: It is in tennis that aggressive behavior may occur earlier Norwegian Refugee Council. After conversations with players, coaches and administrators, the newspaper wrote that tennis talents are vulnerable to cross-border behavior by coaches.

The union describes the cases as horrific and says it sympathizes with the victims. KNLTB responded to its statement: “By taking (preventive) action, we are doing everything we can to prevent abusive behaviour.” website. However, we cannot completely rule it out.

The association stressed that “there is scope for abused behavior, and unfortunately there are abuses sometimes due to existing vulnerabilities. This vulnerability is not specific to tennis.”

“Where there is a hierarchical relationship, this can happen, including with the supervisor and the (minor) athlete. Individual sports such as tennis (and also padel) may be more at risk.”

The KNLTB concludes that players, associations, and tennis schools should pay more attention to a coach’s background. We strongly advise tennis federations and schools to request a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) for teachers and volunteers, as well as to appoint a confidential contact person.

The federation has had a program on integrity since 2015, which focuses on information, among other things.

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