Boris Johnson has been heavily criticized for his lackadaisical approach in recent weeks as Prime Minister

When Tony Blair and Theresa May learned that their terms as prime ministers were coming to an end, both began planning their final weeks so as not to waste the last remnants of their prime ministership. David Cameron had all kinds of action planned in his final six weeks, but his premiership ended early when Andrea Leastam dropped out of the race for the Tory leadership and Theresa May was bombed as prime minister.

It’s the exact opposite of what outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been planning for the past few weeks. During that period he was named in the United Kingdom Missing in action. For example, Johnson was revealed to have spent his time at the wedding of a major Tory donor, on holiday or at an event in his country, when he was due to attend a serious weather crisis meeting. He outsourced the job to minister Kit Malthouse.

Incomplete work

This lax approach was widely criticized in the United Kingdom. Historian and political expert Sir Anthony Selden notes Guardian This is consistent with what Johnson has achieved in recent years: incomplete work. Johnson wanted to bring the Brexit debacle to a successful conclusion, be a more decisive prime minister on the environment, and build a stronger economy, but all of those things are far from over. “You can just tell he’s been true to himself these past few weeks.”

According to Selden, Johnson has been particularly mellow in his final weeks. “It’s all very normal. Downing Street has turned into a center of inaction. It would be normal for someone who was able to implement all his program points, but now it’s completely absent. Where his predecessors still made speeches and tried to put their stamp on policy, Johnson’s absence is particularly noticeable.

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