Boris Johnson plans a tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland | Currently

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering building a tunnel linking Scotland and Northern Ireland, various British media outlets reported Monday. The tunnel will be 25 miles (about 40 kilometers) long and will facilitate trade between Northern Ireland and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Also, technically the UK has not been part of the European Union since 1 January. Therefore, Northern Ireland is in a difficult position. Northern Ireland belongs to the same kingdom as England, Wales and Scotland, but borders Ireland, which is still part of the European Union. Meanwhile, the Irish Sea separates Scotland and Northern Ireland.

As a result, trade has been less smooth since Brexit. Tunneling for both trains and trucks should partially solve this problem. This must have been located between Larne in Northern Ireland and Stranraer in Scotland. The plan has already been called “Boris Boro”. Loose translation: Boris Lair.

Aleister Jack, who handles Scottish affairs on behalf of the British Cabinet, has previously objected The Telegraph He said he supported the plan. In a few weeks, Britain’s rail operator, Network Rail, will publish a report on the viability of the plan.

Johnson devised plans to build a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland three years ago. However, that turned out to be a bad idea, in part because the connection will likely be closed for 100 days a year due to weather conditions in the Irish Sea.

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