Boris Johnson reveals tough new layer rules that will last until spring after the corona virus locks off next week

Boris Johnson revealed today that his strict new layering rules will last until spring after the corona virus locking is completed next week.

Of the Prime Minister New rules It will be significantly tougher than before, pushing millions into stricter rules, at least until the end of March.

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Boris Johnson unveiled his plot plans to the nation todayCredit: Reuters
The Prime Minister almost appeared at a press conference with Chris Witty and Andrew Pollard, who work on the Oxford vaccine.


The Prime Minister almost appeared at a press conference with Chris Witty and Andrew Pollard, who work on the Oxford vaccine.Credit: Reuters
The government's new rules will apply until spring


The government’s new rules will apply until spring
Chris Witty says science 'pulls us out of the hole' and Govt praises vaccine news


Chris Witty praises Govt vaccination news, saying science ‘pulls us out of the hole’

When he formulated the government’s Govt Winter Plan, he praised the “sacrifices of millions of people across the United Kingdom,” which helped control Virus Reduce cases.

The new strategy aims to get the R ratio below one and keep it there with the new stricter rules, which may oppose the string of disgruntled backbenchers.

Mr. Johnson He acknowledged that “many more areas will fall – at least temporarily – into higher levels than before.” Throughout Easter Brits is confronted with not being able to see friends and family inside.

He said: “Scientific advice, I am afraid, should harden our layers”.

In an open speech to the public with Chris Witty this evening, he admitted that “those months” [ahead] Will be difficult “- not least because of the pressure on the NHS.

He said: “That’s why when we get out of the lockup next week, we shouldn’t throw away all the profits we’ve made.

“We will continue to carry the virus.”

The prime minister has vowed to break the rules for the festive season – but says families should “judge carefully”. The virus is about seeing elderly relatives as “not knowing” that it is Christmas.

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He joked at a news conference tonight: “This is the season to be fun – but be careful with the fun …

“We want people to be able to celebrate, but we don’t want to exaggerate and destroy it.”

He promised that life would naturally begin to approach Easter.

Most people who need the vaccine can get the jab within it, he said.

Britz can Get an independent pass to do extra work in areas with mass testing, he suggested.

The rules will be reviewed once every 14 days to see if they work and see if they are relaxed.

The Prime Minister will decide on which floor to go on Thursday.

He warned today: “Without prudent precautions, we would be at increased risk of the virus spreading to the winter or New Year’s Eve.

“We are not going to change national activities for free.”

He added: “We have not yet come out of the woods.

The new rules coming up next week are as follows:

During the question and answer session, Boris accidentally silenced himself and the Speaker was forced to suspend halfway through the Prime Minister’s speech.

Matt Hancock, The health secretary, had to take charge after a technical problem with the prime minister – after contacting an MP who tested positive and is still lonely at number 10.


Locks built with the new beef-up corona virus are announced today


Locks built with the new beef-up corona virus are announced todayCredit: AFP or licensees

No layer 4

Much of the country is expected to return to the more severe layer 3 or more dangerous layer 2 – but these will be made of beef.

Gyms, Beauty salons and all stores will reopen.

But layer 2 is only allowed for 2 people Drink if they do so with meals.

Also, they can only dine indoors with the people they live with.

Tier 3 should be completely closed in hotels and restaurants, With hotels, and indoor entertainment.

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In an attempt to retry the cases, mass testing will be carried out at the upper Govt warning levels.

Hateful night 10 curfew order Will finally be removed by the ministers and replaced with requests to take final orders – and the final deadline is 11pm, It gives the Brits a chance to finish their drinks before being forced on the street.

The biggest incentive for retailers, all stores It will be allowed to open at critical times until Christmas, regardless of local locking measures.

Most parts of the country are expected to be in Tier 2 or Tier 3


Most parts of the country are expected to be in Tier 2 or Tier 3Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Mass testing will be carried out in layer 3 areas to reduce cases


Mass testing will be carried out in layer 3 areas to reduce casesCredit: BA: Press Association
Layer 3 rules are stricter than before


Layer 3 rules are stricter than beforeCredit: London News Pictures

Merry Christmas

Tough new layers give families a good news, after four countries He signed a plan to gather people across the UK for Christmas.

It is understood Up to three houses can come together for a turkey feast indoors, Subject to final agreement with Distributed Countries.

There is also hope that these “festive bubbles” can go out together for Christmas food – until they merge with other homes.

The ban on home mixing in tier 2 and 3 will be lifted on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day until the late Boxing Day bank holiday on December 28th.

In Tier 1, the “Rule of Six” is paused to allow large groups to celebrate.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said today that housing bubbles are likely to join – but bringing the four houses together has not been discussed.

He said there was an “obvious desire” to reunite Christmas, but stressed that it should be done “safely” to reduce the risks.


Ministers will look at five criteria To bring the nation back into any layers.

  • Analysis of cases in all ages
  • Analysis of cases of people over 60 years of age
  • Rise / fall rate of cases (R rate)
  • Number of trials in the local population Govt – 100 kg
  • Current and planned pressures on the NHS
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London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it would be too soon to say which places will go to which layers.

He told the LBC today: “Based on the numbers I ‘ve seen, it’s slowing down the spread of the virus, which is coming to a couple of cities in some parts of London.

“If we continue to make this progress, I doubt it will happen if Londoners continue to do the right thing, and I hope it will happen when it locks on December 2nd.nd, London will be in a place called Layer Two. “

Test everything

Mr Johnson told MPs that the increase in new Govt cases in the UK was “flat” after nationwide locking operations.

But he warned: “We are not out in the woods yet.”

Mr Hancock said the new corona virus cases began to fall “significantly” in conjunction with the Tier 3 mass test in Liverpool this morning.

Results of the Oxford / Astrogenogen Vaccine Program "Up to 90%" Performance


Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine results in “up to 90%” efficacyCredit: BA: Press Association
As Easter approaches, life in the UK begins to return to normal


As Easter approaches, life in the UK begins to return to normalCredit: AFP or licensees

Easter BREAK

Mr Hancock also spoke of the potential for the UK to return to normalcy in the run-up to Easter, after the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine was announced to be “up to 90 per cent” effective.

He said: “It is subject to that regulatory approval because the drugs regulator, which is called MHRA, are independent, they are tough and I emphasize that they are one of the best regulators in the world.

“They will be very careful to make sure they see all the data to make sure it is safe.

“With that approval, we hope to be able to start vaccinating next month.”

Most of the jabs will be released from January to March, he said.

“We hope to be able to get back to normal shortly after Easter.”

Kate Nichols, CEO of UK Hospitality, fears the government’s Govt-19 layout post December 2 may not be enough to save hotels and restaurants

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