Brashat Sports Center is now equipped for G-athletes: “This is where we build the future Paralympic athletes”

Only the gym and the administrative part remained. A new multi-sports hall with changing rooms has been built. The cafeteria is also new and overlooks all the sports that can be practiced there. “Football, basketball and martial arts have already been played here,” Lennarts says. “Hockey, rugby and softball have been added specifically for athletes G. Paralympic medalist Peter Jenin is the driving force behind wheelchair rugby at the sports centre.” Events will also be organized.

Flemish Sports Minister Ben Wittes: “The combination of fully accessible infrastructure, G-sports team of experts, G-sports lending service and distinctive G-sports programming makes Sport Vlaanderen Brasschaat a truly innovative and sustainable ‘center of excellence’. The beautiful location in green, which invites you to exercise outside, completes the picture. This is where we create the future Paralympic athletes.”

The G-Sport Vlaanderen Experience and Knowledge Center is also located there. About 11 percent of the activities in the sports center are currently done by J.J. athletes. They certainly hope to increase that to 20 percent, but everyone remains welcome.

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