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Armed Royal Navy boats are preparing to patrol UK fishing waters with a final warning to Brussels as negotiations enter within the final 48 hours.

Four of the 80-meter ships are waiting to protect British waters from EU fishermen. Proxy The transition period ends on December 31st.

Confirming the move, the defense ministry said it had agreed to stop the boats as part of a plan to end the transition period.

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No Brexit ‘looks very, very possible’

If no agreement is reached, the Times will be given patrol authority with naval officers allowed to board foreign vessels and arrest fishermen.

Fishing is one of the sticky points in the talks, which is fast approaching their end on Sunday No deal is possible.

Access to water for each other will end next year, although Brussels has called for the current rules to continue for 12 months – a request that appears to have been rejected.

Tory MPs have urged Boris Johnson to ensure that UK water is protected if talks fall apart.

Shrewsbury and Atsam MP Daniel Kawczynski tweeted: “With no agreement with the EU on Sunday, we need to get full assurance from Boris Johnson that the British navy will suspend illegal fishing in our waters from January 1.”

On Friday, Prime Minister Brexit met with senior minister Michael Covey and other officials in charge of planning to “take over” the government’s plans for a non-contractual eviction.

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Although European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen confirmed on Friday that the two sides would continue talks over the weekend that “no solution has yet been found to resolve our differences” over the fisheries sector.

“We need to understand the legitimate expectations of the EU fishing navy, which has been built for decades, and sometimes access to centuries,” he urged the government.

Mr Johnson said only “confident” progress could be made.

“But I have to tell you now, from where I stand now … we have to move on to a solution that I think will be fantastic for the UK, it seems very much. From January we can do exactly what we want,” he said.

Parts of the M20 have been closed as part of a test of the motorway "Clothing rehearsal" For potential traffic problems after Brexit.
A movable ban has been implemented on the M20 as part of Operation Broke

Meanwhile, the M20’s extensions were shut down overnight as a test was conducted on the motorway as part of a “dress rehearsal” for traffic problems that could occur after Brexit.

The plan, known as Operation Broke, aims to reduce Kendall congestion if the UK leaves the EU without a deal and traffic is halted due to disruption caused by no more friction.

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