Bright is looking for a talent Video: Is it something for you?

Bright is looking for a passionate video maker. Someone who can shoot and edit and doesn’t turn his hand to animation.

As our video editor, you are responsible for the video quality for everyone Videos we make at Bright. The shots are sharp and well-lit and the editing is textured and creative. In addition, she monitors equipment, ensures it is always tidy and ready to use, and monitors style guide. You are also the technical source for our information Video Interns.

know more? You can find the entire vacancy here.

A quarter of a million subscribers

The first dump party from iPod, dated November 2005. The first was an article with photos, but we quickly switched to video. At the end of 2007 we launched Bright TV With a new video every working day and we are open YouTube channel to store video clips. Since 2018, Bright has been a part of #TeamRTL for a few years now, and we’re focusing more on the YouTube channel itself. The frequency of posting will be increased again and from now on we will be making more focused videos. In addition, all videos are in . format 4KQuality offered.

The result is there. Fall 2019 we pass 100 thousand subscribers On YouTube and last May we reached a point A quarter of a million subscribers destroyed. Our videos will also be posted here It was published and best featured on our weekly TV Show “Best of Bright”, which can be watched on RTL Z, RTL 7 and RTL XL.

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