British Aviation Relief (and KLM): vaccinated Englishmen can travel without quarantine

Until now, England (the British government only sets travel policy for England) has been very strict about travel restrictions. Only a few countries and territories are rated green, which do not require quarantine upon return. The rest are orange (mandatory home quarantine) or red (compulsory hotel quarantine). The aviation and travel sector has suffered greatly from this.

It has now been announced that from July 19, fully vaccinated Britons will no longer have to be quarantined on their return from the orange areas to England. They still have to be tested, but this makes travel a lot easier. For example, almost all of Europe is “orange,” including popular southern European holiday regions such as Greece and the Spanish mainland.

This modification is good news for British airlines, but also for KLM and Schiphol. Schiphol is used by many Englishmen as a transport airport, in part because KLM flies to many more regional airports in the UK than British Airways. Heathrow chief John Holland Kaye and easyJet chief Johan Lundgren, among others, have already responded with glee.

Fully vaccinated foreigners must remain in quarantine upon arrival in England, unless they live there. The quarantine obligation for them is expected to expire at a later time.


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