British director Ken Loach after Labor Party ‘cleansed’

Ken Loach
Photo: Renault Julian / APS-Medias / ABACA

Left-wing British film director Ken Loach, 85, says he was expelled from Britain’s Labor Party in a “purge”. On Saturday, he said Labor leader Keir Starmer had terminated his party membership for refusing to “disenfranchise” other members of the party’s left wing.

“The workplace has finally decided that I am not fit to join their party because I will not disavow those who have already been fired,” the socially active director wrote on Twitter. Loach is considered an influential member of the party who has won three Gold Awards as director and has made more than thirty films.

Labor leader Starmer is struggling to keep his party together, with supporters of his radical predecessor Jeremy Corbyn regularly criticizing his leadership. Corbyn’s period was plagued by incidents of anti-Semitism from the party’s most radical members. Labor expelled members of four factions last month because their views did not align with partisan positions.

Loach tweeted, among other things, that Starmer’s “clique” would never lead a group of people. We are many and few.

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