British movie theaters are furious after Disney decides to “Mulan”: “Damn you!”

Yesterday we reported it Disney They made a drastic decision to release their expensive movie Mulan directly on their channel Disney + And skip the tour to most cinemas. Now the first dissenting voices can be heard and come … not surprisingly … from European cinemas.

distance Warner Bros. Taking their version of “Tenet” off the calendar, Mulan became the potential hope for film owners desperate to return to business after the grueling lockdown of the coronavirus.

The operators in the UK, where 40% of theaters are now open, are particularly shocked: It’s one finger long, damn us.The employee said the phone emotionally.

Craig Jones, theater sales director, believed the decision was not taken fairly. Phil Clapp, President of the UK Film Association, expressed his frustration saying that this was a big step back and that the last word had yet to be spoken.

Wrong signal
It is believed that hundreds of thousands of Britons are denied the opportunity to see such a wonderful movie on the big screen. Choosing the streaming service will be viewed by many as deeply frustrating and wrong. Although problems persist with reopening theaters in the United States, the situation in England is different.

Bob Chapick, CEO, Disney, I previously indicated that this step is a one-time procedure, but the interrelationships will remain tense and turbulent for a while. dog: “They want everything for themselves and they take all the income. They don’t seem interested in collaborating. We need each other. It has to be a partnership.”.

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