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Burger King’s new vegan burger inappropriate For vegetarians and vegans. The fast-food chain’s latest offering, available to order starting Monday, features a regular meat grill. Burger King has launched its first soy burger in the UK, but non-meat eaters may want to avoid this version.

In an attempt to rebrand the burger, the chain has now rebranded the burger as the Rebel Whopper, targeting flexitarians. They are meat eaters, but reduce their consumption of animal products. Tony Vernelli, head of international communications and marketing for Veganuary, a campaign to encourage people to eat meat, dairy and egg-free foods in January, is happy with the burger. He said the production method would make “absolutely no difference” to those trying to reduce meat consumption, and that the burger would encourage meat eaters to reduce their meat consumption.

Katie Evans, the fast food chain’s marketing director, described the product as a “game-changer” in The Guardian.

“We wanted our first plant-based Whopper to replicate the flame-grilled taste of a real burger as closely as possible, and we’re delighted with the result. We’re delighted to be able to meet the demand for this much-anticipated product. For the UK.”

The burger is prepared in collaboration with a vegetarian butcher. Increasing awareness of the impact of meat and dairy production on the climate has contributed to the rise of vegan diets in recent years.

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