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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party and the left-wing New Democratic Party have signed a political agreement that allows the minority government to remain in power until 2025. Trudeau announced this during a press conference today.

Trudeau was re-elected for a third term in September, but his Liberal party failed to secure a majority in the election, and again – as it had done during the previous term – reached an agreement with the NDP. The term of such a minority government is usually in principle only about 24 months, rather than a full four-year term. The deal would allow him to avoid early elections.

The deal does not constitute a formal coalition, as no member of the NDP will take over the government. However, both parties will vote uniformly in Parliament on the new measures on taxes, the environment, health and housing. According to a communiqué, the NDP agreed to “support the government in terms of confidence and budget” in order to avoid the government’s fall.

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the Canadian National Party. © Reuters

“This support and confidence agreement is now in force and will remain so until the end of this parliament in 2025,” the 50-year-old prime minister said at a press conference. The National Democratic Party is the fourth largest political party in Canada. Trudeau said the agreement allows the government to “operate steadily and predictably.” “With so much instability around us, Canadians need stability.”

The vote on the federal budget, always a pivotal moment, will take place in the coming weeks.
“It is in the nature of politics to propose opposing opinions, but no one benefits from the growing polarization and parliamentary dysfunction that prevents Canadians from obtaining these results,” said NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

As interim head of the Conservatives, Candice Bergen rejected this “alliance” that “would have disastrous consequences for the Canadian economy” and show Trudeau “wanting to stay in power at all costs.”

The Canadian House of Commons has 338 seats. The Liberals have 159, the Conservatives 119, and the NPD has 25 seats.

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