C’était magnifique: Look at the best moments of Arno’s career

On January 12, Arno was still on stage for an exclusive Radio-1 session. But then he canceled his upcoming shows. On April 23, his manager announced the news that he had passed away at the age of 72. There is no denying that Arno has made a huge impact in the music world. But he also shared with us some other beautiful moments. We have already listed some of them.

Unforgettable Arno Moments:

Arnaud Charles Ernest Hintgens Born May 21, 1949 in Austen. He started as a harmonica player and finished in 1970 on his first ‘real’ band. It’s not stopped since: Freaky Face, Digen’s Counter, DC Medic, Charles et les Lulles and of course Arno Individual. Initially, Arno chose the culinary profession before becoming a musician. When he lived in Austen, he cooked for music legend Marvin Kayek. See below how he made shrimp croquettes.

In 2019, Arno will be 70 years old. At the OLT Rivierenhof, the musician celebrated the jubilee with friends: Swankare Guy, Steph Camille Carlens, Black Box Revelation, Tigerfinger, Melanie Di Biozio.

Who is Arno?

Who is behind the microphone? In 2014, on his 65th birthday, Arno was a guest at the bridal shower for an intimate conversation on ‘Touch’. Listen to the conversation below.

What music does Arno like to listen to? Find the singer’s favorite recordings below.

Fat Delvox

Belpop Encyclopedia Jan Delvaux discusses a story from the history of Belgian music in ‘De Dikke Delvaux’ each week. Facts, funny facts, special links, weird songs, hidden gems or rumors. Arno also featured: ‘Arno’s missing GC’.

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Can’t get enough? Find out the last Radio 1 sessions with Arno below.

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