Chaos in Lebanon: The government’s sudden decision not to switch to daylight saving time sends the country into two time zones

Many major companies and TV channels have switched to daylight savings time this morning. The national airline is still in winter. Chaos is the word. “We don’t know exactly who’s going to do what today. When does the basketball game start this afternoon? When does my kids’ school start tomorrow? Today’s going to be a day to start working anyway to see how it goes,” Daisy Mohr testifies.

It seems that “there are a lot of jokes on social media and on TV. Everyone is texting with each other.” So it all sounds funny, but in fact it is not. “Many people have lost their laughter. Things are going very badly in Lebanon. There is a huge economic crisis with massive inflation. There is a lot of anger about how this country is run and what politicians can suddenly decide here over a coffee date.”

“The disappointment is enormous and not necessarily religious. In this massive economic crisis, politicians have made no decisions at all. How – many Lebanese wonder – can a decision like this, which has created chaos, make it bigger. And the business world will get in trouble, that will happen.” .

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