China agrees to radical reform of the electoral system in Hong Kong

China’s official news agency said Chinese President Xi Jinping supported the reform of Hong Kong’s electoral system Xinhua. The reform will render the opposition in the administrative region completely paralyzed.

Earlier in the day, a committee in China’s parliament “unanimously” approved the legislative changes. Beijing will ratify the reform without the participation of the legislature, the Hong Kong parliament. And the European Union has expressed it Mid March He has already criticized the planned electoral reform.

20 seats by elections instead of 35

Details about the repair have not been officially released. Tam Yiu Chung, the sole representative of Hong Kong in the decision-making body of the Chinese Parliament, gave some clarifications to Agence France-Presse. France Press agency. Hong Kong’s parliament will have 90 members instead of now 70. Twenty seats (22 percent of the total) are awarded by direct elections, while there are now 35 (or half).

Forty parliamentary seats are being awarded by a panel of pro-Beijing figures. The latter thirty are distributed by social occupational groups, according to a complex system that Beijing has always favored.

Tam said that the candidates will also have to be approved by the audit committee set up by the Hong Kong authorities.

Tam said that the body in charge of enforcing the controversial National Security Act and the police will prepare reports on each candidate. After this law was introduced last year, As a result, many pro-democracy activists have already been arrestedIn Hong Kong, the electoral reform represents a new blow to democratic rights.

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50 years of self

The United Kingdom ruled Hong Kong for more than 150 years until the region was handed over to China in 1997. In the Sino-British Joint Declaration, Beijing subsequently promised not to interfere with the high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong until at least 50 years after the handover of the former British colony. This promise is also included in the Hong Kong constitution. However, China began to gain more and more control over political life in Hong Kong, and London explicitly described the Security Act as contrary to the agreements they both entered into with regard to Hong Kong.

That is why the British government owns it Early this year It made it easier for Hong Kong residents to live and work in the UK. Meanwhile, the government of Hong Kong and China continues to defend the Security Law.

Become a Hong Kong education curriculum Recently It changed drastically making it more pro-China. Children will soon learn, among other things, through a video about the controversial safety law introduced last year.

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