China: The space station veered twice due to a close collision with the Starlink satellite – IT Pro – News

So, you poorly planned your release.

Yes, it is certain that SpaceX wants to launch its satellites directly at the Chinese space station. It is not a connection issue at all. /s

But China was not even allowed to join the IIS. The fact that China is now showing that they are there is precisely because the United States has always tried to contain them.
It’s true, but since when was this an excuse? China is showing good progress, but don’t lie about making corrections in the rooms. What I want to make clear is that this is a political drama, not a space flight….

And I would like to note that China was by no means the first to destroy a satellite in space. That was… the United States in 1985! It’s in the same word you tied it to.
correcting the mistake. But you miss all my point. The Russians, Indians, and others also tested satellite weapons. The point is, you shouldn’t whine about space patches if you’re responsible for space junk through the direct use of weapons in space. The United States, Russia and Switzerland can no longer use this argument.

And where do these boosters end up? That’s right, in international waters.
Yes and checked. This is better than the Chinese dropping it on its population full of excessive fuel (highly toxic and dangerous):
Americans’ boosters do not use hyperactive fuel in first-stage missiles.
And not just international waters, along the way they lose enough material as in Africa:…led-reentry-long-march-5b

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And you run the risk of accidentally dropping your backer in another country with all the diplomatic consequences that ensue.
China has no problem ignoring other countries, that’s the point. Their first stage is completely uncontrollable after launch, so they have no idea where they will end up. And they set out regularly for an “ocean full of islands and other lands”.

China is setting its eyes on space to show that it is superior. Nothing will stop them from doing so. Yes, they are angry at Americans for never being allowed to join the International Space Station, but that’s no excuse to act irresponsibly.

They launch uncontrolled, unusable missiles full of toxic and dangerous fuel over countries that wouldn’t let them and have no idea where they would end up.
No idea why you’re defending it…

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