Christopher Walken reveals: “Retiring from acting will affect my health.”

If you know anything about movies, you know Christopher Walken. The beloved actor has been in Hollywood for decades and has no plans to stop. He himself fears that his condition will deteriorate rapidly if he no longer works.

Walken, known for gemstones such as Pulp Fiction, The Deer Hunter And Catch me if you canI haven’t taken it easy yet. The Oscar-winning actor managed to achieve big goals in the first season of the series to cut Then come back for more. It will also be seen in Sand Dunes: Part Two.

But he doesn’t like to sit still. The actor prefers to move directly from one project to another. As he himself says: “If I don’t have a job, I don’t feel good about myself. Then it feels like hibernation. It’s not that I’m unhappy, I’m just not thinking about anything“.

In my free time I just watch TV. After an hour or two I think: “You’re sitting here and driving away, and this is not interesting at all.” There is simply nothing to do. Life seems meaningless“.

Walken, of course, has a lot of experience and can handle any acting job. But he is afraid of something else: “At the beginning of your career, you get some stage fright, but that goes away. It’s hard to feel stressed about my work these days“.

What I’m afraid of is that I’ll get sick. I’m worried about the future and all the crazy people walking around, but nothing scares me anymore“.

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