Chromecast with Google TV tells you when you receive a call

Google TV keeps getting updates, some bigger than others. It seems like Google now wants to keep you informed with its software for TVs. The operating system will tell you when you have been contacted.

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Notifications on Google TV

The latest update for Google TV devices, like Chromecast with Google TV, includes the option to forward notifications from your phone to your TV. This includes notifications from calling apps, so you won’t miss phone calls anymore when you’re watching a movie or series. The new feature has now been discovered in Google Meet. You can choose to enable or disable these notifications in your Google TV settings.

When you open Google Meet, you’ll be notified that call notifications are turned on. There is a possibility that this feature will reach other calling apps like Zoom and Skype. However, the app must be available for Google TV to receive notifications.

Unfortunately, you can’t choose from Google TV whether or not you want to receive notifications for a single communication app: if you turn it on for Skype, it will also work for Zoom, for example. If you can turn notifications on and off in the app itself, you can choose them separately.

The new function of Google TV notifications did not appear suddenly: it was previously included in the beta version of the Android TV operating system. However, it took some time before this option came to Google TV.

This is how you set up the job

Fortunately, it’s not hard to find the setting to enable your call notifications. This is under Accounts & Login > Account > Contact Notifications. Notifications are already activated by default after the update if you have Google Meet installed, but you can disable the option that way.

Google will undoubtedly focus more on Google TV in the near future as a hub for notifications and smart home settings. The announcement that LG TVs from 2024 will include Chromecast built-in and a way to control Google Home is an indication of this.

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