Clashes erupt after Trump loyalists rallied against the election results

Protesters clashed with police in Washington on Saturday as thousands of Donald Trump supporters rallied against the outcome of the presidential election.

Small fights erupted in the city center throughout the evening as police struggled to keep some of the pro-Trump rallies – led by the far-right Pride boys movement – out of the opposition.

Earlier in the day, members of Mr Trump’s inner circle addressed a rally for the “Million Maca March,” including President Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser. Recently forgiven. Trump supporters chanted “Stop stealing.” And “Four more years!”

The rallies took place a day after the US Supreme Court One case was finally dismissed He challenged Mr Trump’s defeat in last month’s election.

Many of Mr. Trump’s supporters were outraged at the Republican Party and Fox News as a sign that his defeat had caused a rift between his supporters and the organizations that pushed him to power.

The second ‘Million March’ after the November 3 election © AFP via Getty Images

The rally is estimated to have attracted thousands of people to the capital © AFP via Getty Images

Mr Trump appeared to offer his blessings to the struggles, Tweeting: “Aha! Thousands of people in Washington (DC) create Stop the Steel. I don’t know about this, but I will see them! #MAGA. ”

Later, two helicopters overtook the opposition, prompting many of the president’s supporters to attend a U.S. football game between the U.S. military and navy in New York.

Saturday’s protest was smaller than what took place in the capital a month after Mr Trump’s defeat. Several hundred protesters came from the Pride Boys group Mr Trump said “Stand back” during the September presidential debate.

Proud Boys members wearing yellow scarves, hats and guilds broke away from the main rally and clashed with anti-racist protesters. The videos were posted on social media Showed Protesters attack each other carrying sticks and shields. A video showed protesters setting fire to the Black Lives Matter banner.

The Electoral College will meet Monday to formally vote for each state and confirm Mr Fiden’s victory by a margin of 306 votes to 232. One of the final challenges of that process was dismissed on Friday. The Supreme Court rejected Mr Trump says the state of Texas’ attempt to oust election results on four battlefields has failed.

Speaking to protesters on Saturday, Mr Flynn stressed: “The courts have not yet decided who will be the next president of the United States. They are still on track.”

But Mr. Trump Already said He will leave the White House if Election College confirms Mr Pitney as president. Mr Biden is set to take office on January 20.

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