Clearspring introduces decaffeinated Organic Japanese Kuwa Matcha

Specialists in authentic Japanese and organic foods, Clearspring has introduced the first Japanese Kwa Matcha to the UK. Kuwa (桑) is Japanese for mulberry and matcha (抹茶) is Japanese for powdered tea. Like traditional matcha, guava matcha is a vibrant green, finely ground powder. Mulberry leaves are used instead of tea leaves and unlike green tea matcha, it is naturally caffeine free.

Clearspring Organic Japanese Kwa Matcha is made from the highest quality organic and sustainable mulberry leaves. These mulberry leaves are grown in Kagoshima, Japan, where the volcanic soil and humid climate provide ideal growing conditions. Once harvested, the leaves are steamed, dried, and ground into a fine powder that is just as versatile as traditional matcha.

Gua matcha has a smoother, more balanced flavor than green tea and matcha tea powder. Clearspring describes it as the perfect decaffeinated alternative for consumers who enjoy the taste of matcha but want to reduce or avoid caffeine.

Maria Dawson, director of Clearspring, says of the new product: “Mulberry leaves have been used in Japan for centuries in loose leaf or powdered form. We are delighted to offer authentic and natural Japanese gua matcha to the UK. It is a great addition to our existing organic matcha range, and is caffeine free or low in caffeine. We are responding to the growing demand for hot and cold beverages.”

“ClearSpring Organic Japanese Kwa Matcha also offers flavor-wise. The taste is similar to our premium matcha, but smoother on the palate, especially when you drink it as a latte.​​​​​​​You can cook it. Baking.”

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