Climate activists and scientists blindfold statues

(Photos: Scientists Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion)

Leiden, October 15, 2023 at 3:58 pm by editors

Scientists and climate activists around the world are blindfolding prominent statues to draw attention to their demand: direct climate action. Also in Leiden, early this morning, more than a dozen statues were presented with blindfolds and flyers by activists from Scientists Rebellion (SR) and Extinction Rebellion (XR). “The eyes above can no longer remain closed to the climate crisis and environmental catastrophe that threatens our survival,” the activists said.

In more than fifteen countries, from the Netherlands to Australia, statues of XR and SR have been blindfolded to demand action on the climate crisis. Placards on the statues read: “Be honest about the climate crisis, look at the facts, listen to the science.”

Scientist Rebellion is the original organizer of the event. They call him Sunday statue. “We chose the images because they are iconic symbols that can be found in cities around the world. If our world leaders hope to one day have a statue, they must radically change course now and do what it takes to stop biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by Year 2025.

Leiden Association

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