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A species of frog classified as ‘Near Threatened’ by an infectious disease has been successfully bred at a wildlife park in Oxfordshire, England, according to reports. Guardian.

The tree frog is known by many names. Because of its brownish-red color, the amphibian is often called the cinnamon frog.

The frog is originally found in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Sumatra. There, too, the amphibian lives in difficult conditions, as its habitat is threatened by logging.

Six European zoos are trying to save the frog species. The Cotswold Game Park in Burford is one of only two that actually breed the cinnamon frog.

According to park director Jamie Craig, the cinnamon frog is threatened by a fungal disease called chytridiomycosis.

“Our dedicated reptile team has worked hard to perfect breeding techniques,” says Craig Guardian. “Many frog species require incredibly specific conditions, and the team members’ success in breeding cinnamon frogs is a testament to their hard work.”

Reptile keepers at Burford have given the bred frogs names that refer to spices such as pepper, cayenne pepper, saffron and chilli.

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