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A mix of relationship drama and theftThe movie turns out to be an insurance drama Close As uncomfortable as the broken relationship in her heart. However, the film’s manic energy is infectious.

Do you remember the first lockdown in 2020? When half of humanity, with nothing to do, suddenly rushed into this creative project that they had never done before? Close Written by Doug Liman Not only is it a movie set during this lockdown and about this lockdown, but it also feels like a movie that came out of this lockdown. He has a somewhat disturbed and panicked energy at that moment. Radu Goud recently proved that he is a Golden Bear winner Bad luck banging That this approach could lead to an urgent cinematic climax. Unfortunately, it creeps up on you Close Feeling that maybe the idea should have matured a little longer.

Close Not only is it set during lockdown, with jokes about toilet paper, face masks and homemade bread, but it also gives a sense of lockdown stylistically. The nervous energy that characterizes the work of director Doug Liman (Bourne identity2002; Edge of tomorrow, 2014) always stands out as a perfect fit here. There are a lot of video calls in the first half, with remote supporting roles for actors like Ben Stiller, Mindy Kaling and Claes Bang. Liman then uses awkward camera angles and Zoom’s choppy “editing” (which automatically focuses on the loudest speaker) as an effective stylistic device throughout the rest of the film.

Through fragments of news reports, the film takes place in the first week of April 2020, when the United Kingdom is in a three-week lockdown, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself is found to be infected with the coronavirus. It’s been a hellish three weeks for Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor), cooped up together in their spacious London apartment. Even before the lockdown, they could no longer communicate or see each other. In fact, Linda had just ended their relationship when the country went into lockdown. Since then, the Paxtons say, they have been indulging in bitter words at each other’s heads.

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Until fate brings them together again. Paxton works as a valuables driver, and Linda is a manager at a company that sells expensive jewelry to wealthy people. The unique situation of suddenly being locked down creates an opportunity to steal millions in spoils.

Close It’s billed as a mix of a relationship drama and a heist movie, but that’s disappointing (or not so bad, depending on your preferences). In fact, the heist plot doesn’t kick in until the last 45 minutes of the two-plus hour playtime, and there’s very little to it. There is hardly any careful planning typical of the genre here. In effect, the spoils are dumped in Linda and Paxton’s laps and every potential obstacle is removed before they become a problem.

The joint squat appears to be primarily a way to bring the estranged lovers back together and allow the two to test how much they’ve lost their wild hair. “The question was never whether we could “Do it,” Linda says at the crucial moment, “but if we do it He should We do it, if we actually He was“.

This is also its biggest weakness Close: The viewer no longer needs this text sentence at that moment. For example, Steven Knight’s screenplay (Eastern promises; TV series Slim masks) Often, consistently in fact, the tendency is to put things in text that would have been better left as subtext. It’s still a film worth watching for Hathaway, who plays a tough, nervous woman, and Ejiofor, who plays a sleepy rebel, but in the end there’s still the feeling that they rushed onto the set with a first version of the script and very few rehearsals. But hey, maybe this makes a difference Close In the long term, this picture will become clearer for the historical moment we are currently experiencing.

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Close It can be viewed starting April 15 on Pathé Thuis, iTunes, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft Xbox, and Rakuten TV.

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