Commissioner Roger Van Boxtel is leaving KPMG, where hundreds of accountants have defrauded internal exams

Roger Van Boxtel is in the House of Representatives, at the time still Speaker of Parliament.ANP/ANP image

Former NS President and D66 politician Roger van Boxtel resigned on 25 June, it seems now. He was not involved in the day-to-day affairs of the company, but as the highest supervisory manager he was the most important internal supervisor. However, as they put it, it is not a lack of oversight, but a small one slip Which led to his resignation.

When he took office in 2021, he “didn’t properly complete a volunteer training,” according to Van Boxtel. “In the course of this investigation within KPMG in the Netherlands, I am aware that I did not act with sufficient caution at the time.” With this, Van Boxtel refers to an internal investigation within the company, of which KPMG is now presenting its most important findings partner.

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Joram Paul is the general correspondent for De Volkskrant.

For five years, at least a hundred employees a year cheated on internal exams, according to that study. Share answers to compulsory exam questions. KPMG launched an investigation after signals from the whistleblower. Moreover, similar practices have already been exposed abroad. In the US and UK, KPMG has already been reprimanded for exam fraud.

KPMG says it has imposed sanctions on its employees in the Netherlands. Some of them will be fired “because of their participation and their job.” It is not known in how many cases this occurs. Another part will get an unknown penalty.

Mark Hoegebohm, Branch Chief Accountant, will step down as Director only. He will remain affiliated with KPMG as a partner and accountant. Former GroenLinks party leader Jolande Sap, already a member of the supervisory board, will succeed Roger van Boxtel as chair.

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