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Starting Monday, it will be significantly cooler with the extremes remaining negative (snow days). The minimum can drop to -10 ° C. It is not known how long the cold wave will last. Maybe a week or more. A cold snap can sometimes be dangerous to your health (hypothermia, winter diphtheria, toxic carbon dioxide, …), especially for vulnerable or socially deprived people or people suffering from certain diseases. Simple tips can help preserve the health of you and your environment.

Drink regularly Warm drinks Like tea or hot chocolate. Be careful: alcohol does not help with heating. On the contrary, alcohol causes a rapid drop in body temperature, and thus increases the risk of hypothermia.

– Your setting Thermostat At the lowest room temperature you find comfortable. However, avoid excessively high temperatures. The big difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors is unhealthy.

Insulate doors and windows as much as possible. put the Roll draft In the thought gap (the opening below the door).

– make sure that heating It works properly.

Do not fill in the heaters. Carbon monoxide poisoning It can be fatal.

-Take your own Pets Go inside. If this is not possible, make sure they always have access to safe (non-frozen) food and water.

Before exit, configure a file Clothes On: gloves, a scarf, warm socks, a wool hat. Getting out of “bareheaded” can reduce body heat by 30%!

– It is preferable to withdraw it Different layers of clothing Instead of one thick layer. Wool, silk, and polypropylene can hold body heat better than cotton.

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Shivering Means that the body is losing heat. Constant shivering is a sign that it is better to go back in.

-Avoid Car trips When the weather conditions are not ideal. Read the weather forecast before setting off.

Wear warm clothesA: When you get into your car, it’s almost as cold inside as it is outside. Heating the car just works optimally after a while.

-Before Long displacementGet enough food, water and blankets. When you are in a traffic jam, blankets can help you warm up without having to warm the car to the extreme. Make sure you have a smartphone with you.

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