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Did you get a bad diagnosis, but are you still defying expectations? Do you suffer from a rare condition and were saved by medical intervention? HLN is looking for people who want to testify about this matter.

In the medical world they don’t like to talk about “miracles”, but some stories defy imagination. For example, Jente Pironet of Portland testified about brain cancer in HUMO. Doctors gave him another year, but his progress was better than the best-case scenario. Then there are the stories of experimental medical treatments and even one woman getting pregnant again during her pregnancy.

To contribute positive news and encourage others, HLN is looking for honest testimonials from patients. Have you been seriously ill, but have you almost recovered? Does your medical history make jaws drop? Or do you suffer from a rare condition that deserves attention?

You can send an email to [email protected]. Briefly outline your story and leave a phone number. This way we can contact you (without obligation). We will treat your request confidentially.

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