Complaining from other road users is healthy

Complaining from other road users is healthy

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Complaining from other road users is healthy

Nobody can drive well, everyone agrees. The exception of course is you yourself, because you are the only one who can do that. At least that’s what Research shows over and over again. So it makes a lot of sense that there are some frustrations in the traffic every day. Do you have to calm down then? No, it is more correct to complain about other road users. Not exaggerated or too aggressive, but only towards the passenger or even within yourself. Do not provoke other road users.

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Why complaining about other road users is healthy

Robin Kowalski, a professor at Clemson University, believes that It is healthy to complain. Venting your grievance can have a problem-solving effect. Containing your frustrations can lead to a spiral of negativity, which is not a good thing. Tina Gilbertson, psychotherapist and author of constructive immersion. “Acknowledging feelings is healthy, it’s physiologically good for you, and it’s good for your emotional health.”

Better than aggression

There is something in it. If you can let go of your frustrations after a swear word or two, you’re done. This sounds like a better deal than making unruly gestures and provoking worse situations. It looks even better than stupid acts like a brake check فحص. So, feel free to complain to passengers about other road users or mumble something to yourself, it’s healthy. A “boy, young, young” is always allowed.

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