Component Ann Dudley is Bazaar Women of the Week

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Benedetta. The movie can be on Cannes Film Festival Expect a standing ovation that lasted at least five minutes. Ann Dudley He composed the music for this critically acclaimed (and much-discussed) movie and is thus Bazaar’s Women of the Week.

Component Ann Dudley is Bazaar Women of the Week

Benedita, And therefore. It would have been close had the film not made it to the Cannes Film Festival. In France, there was an uproar about the sensational film directed by Paul Verhoeven, in which two gay nuns enter into an intimate relationship. In the end, the movie got Go. No one expected that after the premiere the audience would stand for five minutes to pay tribute to the film.

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British composer Anne Dudley was responsible for the film’s music. It is an honor for her to turn a voyeuristic and perverted film into a film festival-worthy production. Of course, in the hands of Paul Verhoeven, every story turns to gold, but Anne Dudley certainly played a part in the success of Benedetta. gave it BBC The film has five stars and pays tribute to Dudley’s orchestral music.

Anne Dudley’s music career

Anne Dudley was born on May 7, 1956 in Beckenham, United Kingdom. She studied music at the Royal College of Music and King’s College, two institutions in London where Dudley’s talent was noticed early on. She won several awards and eventually transitioned to pop music. She was a member of the band art noiseBut he’s also written songs for artists like Robbie Williams and Elton John. The British have also released several albums of their own.

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As Anne Dudley grew up, she focused more and more on classical music. She began composing tracks, including films and serials. with her music full monty She won an Academy Award in 1998. She also collaborated on Mama Mia!, Where she was responsible for the music among the songs of ABBA. Introduction to the popular series Poldark It has been ranked number two on the classic charts for a long time.

And now there Congratulations, Made by Ann Dudley again a musical masterpiece. From pop music to movie music: Anne Dudley is a multi-talented orchestra. This is the reason for her participation in this week’s Women’s Bazaar.

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