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Veteran warrior John Sleep will celebrate his 100th birthday on Tuesday, January 26th. In 1944 during World War II, the British fought the German occupier at Venray. He is currently recovering from an illness and there was a call in Normandy (France, editor) to send birthday cards to sleep en masse to give him a special birthday.

The French campaign at Venray has now been hand-picked and the first Christmas cards are already on their way to the UK. John Sleep’s address: 21 Barbauld Rd, London N16 OSD (UK, editor).

Veteran warrior John Sleep was last in Venray in October 2019. He then visited, among other things, the ceremony at the Norfolk Memorial in Venray. He had already attended the memorial in the British War Cemetery for thirty years. Sleep was seriously wounded near Lübeck in 1944 by German tank guns when he wanted to liberate Venray.

Sinvid Mediamakers snapped up a great story to sleep on camera and make a movie about it. The British Veteran Warrior movie can be watched again on Saturday 23 January on Belle In Mass TV. The first broadcast begins at 7 pm, and the movie will replay around the clock until 11 pm that evening.

On June 6, 1944, Sleep D-Day, and later also, participated in the liberation of France and Belgium. The editor then moved with his corps to Falkensward and Helmond, to finally reach Venray.

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