Consequences of Brexit: Last year more Britons became Belgian again

Last year, 859 Britons actually became Belgians. This is according to figures from the Federal Public Service’s Internal Affairs. There are already more than last year, while the figures for December are not yet complete.

Since the UK chose to leave the European Union in a referendum in June 2016, more and more Britons are choosing the citizenship of an EU member state. This pertains, for example, to Britons with family ties across the Channel, or expatriates working in European capitals. With the majority of European institutions located in Brussels, Belgium is a popular destination for the latter category.

Last year, 831 Britons became Belgians. This year it was already 859. The numbers are up until December 4th, so maybe a few more dozen are to be added. It is about Britons who are registered in a Belgian municipality and who have obtained citizenship, thus completing the entire procedure. Existing applications are not included in the figures.

Loss of residency due to Britain’s exit from the European Union

Since Brexit, Britons are no longer European citizens. From January 1, 2022, the British will lose their right of residence in our country if they do not submit the necessary applications by December 31 this year. In addition to Belgian citizenship, there is also something like a “M card” or “N card”, which protects the rights of Britons and their family members who already had rights to reside here before Brexit or who have been working as border workers for five or ten years guarantees Years.

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Before Brexit, no more than 150 Britons were granted Belgian citizenship each year. In 2015, for example, there were 114, in 2012 even 78. But since the referendum in 2016, the numbers have risen sharply, according to figures from the Federal Public Service’s Internal Affairs. That year, 454 Britons gained Belgian citizenship, in 2017 up to 1230. 2019 was the record year on record, with nearly 1,500 Britons naturalized. The UK was due to leave the European Union in March of that year, but Brexit has been delayed several times because then British Prime Minister Theresa May was unable to pass the divorce agreement she negotiated with the EU.

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