COP 26 in the spotlight: How Glasgow made itself heard at the Climate Summit

Global march for climate

Climate activists Vanessa Nakate employment Greta Thunberg She was present at various locations during COP26 to address world leaders, youth and scholars. On Saturday 6 November a Global Climate March. People in various cities have taken to the streets to express the importance of good and urgent climate policy. With the COP26 negotiations winding down in the blue zone in the background, more than 100,000 participants took part in the Glasgow Climate Walk.

The demonstration ended at the end of the day with a rally in Glasgow’s local green park. These included tribal elders, union leaders, and young activists such as Vanessa Nakate.

In her speech, Naket emphasized the importance of the humanitarian aspect of the climate crisis. The Ugandan spoke of the struggle Africans, among others, are facing as a result of the climate crisis. Show it recent study It shows that global warming is already affecting the economies of countries around the world. It hit some places – mostly in the tropics – more than others. The countries that paid the highest tend to be the least responsible for causing the problem, Because per capita CO2 emissions have been much lower in recent decades than in richer countries.

“While countries in Africa suffer the most from climate changes such as extreme weather and drought, they are also the slowest to recover.” Nakati was announced from the podium during the rally on Glasgow Green. “The climate and environment crisis isn’t just about weather patterns or net zeros, it’s about people.”

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While Nakati and millions of others waited to see what the COP26 negotiations would bring to reality, there was an air of optimism and hope in Glasgow. “Another world is needed, another world is possible, and that’s just a taste of it. Today we will continue to fight in every possible way.” According to Nakati.

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Various citizen initiatives locally and internationally Provide a place to express your concern about the climate crisis and make your voice heard.

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