Corona virus latest news: SAGE expert says Oxford vaccine may test flocks’ immunity in summer

D.According to a leading scientist, the Oxford University vaccine was able to see the UK herd gain immunity over the summer.

The Oxford Astrogeneca vaccine is a “game changer” ahead of possible approval in the coming days against the corona virus, said Professor Kalam Semble, a respiratory pathologist and member of the government’s emergency scientific advisory committee.

Speaking at BBC Breakfast, Professor Semble said: “There is an urgency about this, and we know that it is difficult to vaccinate a lot of people at once – we have a population of less than 70 million and we are going to move them in a systematic way to vaccinate those most at risk.

“People who have been vaccinated will be protected within a few weeks, which is very important.

“On an individual basis these vaccines are effective enough to protect individuals, so we don’t have to wait for this nonsense about the immunity of herds developing by natural disasters, we can start protecting individuals.

“70% to 80% of people will be vaccinated to get broader herd immunity from vaccines than natural infections, and I’m afraid that’s going to take us back to the summer I’m looking forward to.”

A government source said Vaccination army of “tens of thousands” of doctors and volunteers Recruited and ready to manage millions of jabs every week from next month.

Following the submission of final data by the government last week, the Oxford Astrogeneca Japan Independent Pharmaceuticals and Health Products Regulatory Agency will soon be able to approve it on Tuesday.

Britain has ordered a 100 million dose jab to get 40 million by the end of March.

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