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So for the home staff, Rivierenbuurt Residential Care Center, it’s past hour? “No, no,” the driver protested Gretie de Groth. “Our robot is an addition. It takes work out of the hands of others. This is absolutely necessary.”


The Hague Valentine now specializes in entertaining groups of homeowners in the communal living room. “But the robot can also be programmed to deliver linen or collect empty trays,” says godfather Jeroen Wildenbest. “The more time employees have for their care tasks.”


The mechanical engineer, who taught at TU Delft while researching for his doctorate, has developed software for care robots, including Valentijns, with his company Digi Nova. With this software, Pepper Zorgt, tasks can be programmed into digital assistants. For example: “It’s 5:30 p.m. It’s almost time to eat.” But also songs or pictures. In the Cloud, So they don’t get lost. “Some functions, such as rapid movements, act locally,” he says. „because through Cloud Commandos travel for a long time.”

“Employees now have more time to care”

That is why the swirling Valentine has a computer screen on his stomach, which the elderly can press to hear their favorite songs or see their family photos.”


Talk schedules can also be set in his digital brain. “We can have him respond to questions and comments that are the order of the day in the resident groups,” Dr. Wildenbeest explains. “The program is based on assumptions of what will be discussed.”


The advantage of the software, which can be controlled by Android or Apple, is that Valentijn can be programmed remotely, via a phone, laptop or computer. „But most of them are in Cloud And it doesn’t need to be adjusted daily.”

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This means that family members can also access their father’s or grandmother’s folder. “They can use new songs or pictures at home. This is how we engage the family with the residents.”


Valentine is having a trial in Riviernport. “We are very excited so far,” says director Greetje de Grooth. She predicts that in the future, “Valentine’s” will wander everywhere in the healthcare field due to staff shortages. “They give the organization peace of mind.”

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