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Eastern Belgian Cantons: Private radio stations are allowed on DAB+ from BRF

The media council for the German-speaking community in the eastern provinces has finally given the go-ahead for private German-speaking broadcasters in that region – Radio Contact Ostbelgien, 100.5 DAS HITRADIO and Radio Sunshine – to participate in the recently launched BRF-mux on DAB+ (8A). The approval of the joint use of the Mix by the BRF and private stations is valid until December 31, 2024. In addition, Radio 700 from Elsenborn It announced its desire to quickly broadcast via DAB+. However, this does not mean that private stations will soon be heard via BRF-mux. The allotments will come into force as soon as possible at the end of September and terms and conditions must also be negotiated with the network operator. Until then, only BRF1 and BRF2 programs could be listened to via this mux.

BBC Radio 1 sounded for 5 minutes of silence

Five minutes of silence was heard on BBC Radio 1 on Friday afternoon. Not because of a technical problem, but because Greg James failed his mission to find 30 DJs for ‘Radio 1’s Giant DJ Hunt’. In this big radio game, all Radio 1 DJs have lost their jobs and are ‘hiding’ somewhere in the UK or even abroad. Greg James was the last person left and had to track down everyone in 100 hours, with the help of listeners and social media. Thanks to tips, he managed to track Danny Howard and Pete Tong to Ibiza Rocks, Vic Hope was spotted at an Ann Summers store, and Ricky Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odom were arrested in Amsterdam during a Coldplay performance. However, the search turned out to be more difficult than expected, raising the stakes on Thursday. If Greg could not complete a Friday afternoon challenge, the station would have to go off the air for 5 minutes. That’s how it happened. Greg was the last to find Molly King, who was on a boat off the Isle of Wight. Thus the transmitter was silent for five minutes. Even the tech emergency backup tape was pre-deactivated. Best of Giant DJ Hunt They can be found here.

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Superfixer Rob Howard restores Caroline’s old studio

Yesterday next week UK TV will broadcast an episode of Retro Electro Workshop featuring superstar fixer Rob Howard installing Radio Caroline’s oldest studio equipment on Ross Revenge (picture above) takes in hand. In this ten-part show, Howard fixes “everything old with a socket.” On Tuesday 25th July’s episode (9pm UK time), Rob takes to the sea to restore his old broadcasting studio at Ross Revenge, in Essex’s Blackwater Estuary. This studio contained a “valve mixing table”, record players and magnetic tape karting machines. The equipment at this studio was actually loaned for Richard Curtis’ 2008 film “The Boat That Rocked,” which pays homage to 1960s Radio Caroline. The episode with Radio Caroline will also be available on UK TV Play on demand after it has aired. There may also be parts on YouTube.


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