Days Gone may have sold less than the director claimed recently

Days Gone, a Bend Studio game that originally appeared for the PlayStation 4 in 2019, has been in the news again in recent days. This relates to statements by Jeff Ross, Director of Days Gone. It was crucial back then because Sony was going to put a line in a sequel and this week He made himself heard again.

Commenting on the news that Ghost of Tsushima has reached 8 million unit sales, Ross claimed Days Gone is at least a success. According to the director, more than 8 million copies of Days Gone had already been sold at the time of his departure from Bend Studio, and the PC version of the game was sold more than a million times. In this case, Ross’ anger is understandable, but the numbers he mentions may not be entirely accurate.

In conversation with Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe Ross told Trophy’s now-defunct tracking site, Gamestat, as the source for the Days Gone sales numbers he mentioned. However, Gamestat numbers are probably not entirely accurate. The game worked with estimates of the number of players. Additionally, Gamestat’s numbers don’t factor in, for example, second hand copies, game sharing, and Days Gone giving away via PlayStation Plus. Therefore, the actual sales numbers for Days Gone are supposed to be much lower than the numbers reported by Gamestat.

It is of course impossible to quantify the difference between Gamestat’s numbers and Ross’ actual sales numbers. However, it seems entirely possible that Ross’ claims, which he claims are based on Gamestat statistics, are not entirely accurate. By the way, Ross himself does not have any message about this, as he said via Twitter message below.

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