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Hill back It’s a beautiful day. Janine (68) jumps on her bike with a smile on her face, it’s time for another hour of exercise with HealthyOud. “I recently started working out at Helenaheuvel. Great with a range of outdoor sports. All the aura measures are meticulously taken into account. It’s so good to be able to exercise again after doing little or nothing for a long time. Noticed I really need To doing exercises in a group to motivate myself. It also helps me get to know some new people. I really like doing sports at GO. I come back from training in a cheerful and positive mood and I am really looking forward to next week’s lesson. “

In Healthy Oud, you can exercise all year round in the most beautiful places in nature. For example, the sport recently started every Tuesday at Helenaheuvel in Doorn. The courses are professional, varied, fun and appropriate for every level. During training, participants perform various muscle-strengthening exercises using resistance bands or body weight and work on fitness, stability and movement.

Everyone trains at their own level. Every person is different and the coaches are trained to ensure that each person takes up the challenge in the right way. Partly for this reason, over 96% of respondents said they were starting to feel physically or mentally stronger.

Healthy Old only works with well-certified trainers, many of whom are physiotherapists. We regularly check the impact of our training courses and adjust training content as necessary.

25 minutes of moderately intense exercise a day is optimal for good health. In addition to outdoor training, Healthy Old also offers online training. Of course, the courses are completely online without obligation.

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Curious? Please feel free to call us at 06-53837045 or visit us www.gezondoud.nl. A free trial lesson is always possible.

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