Debate, Health North | Critically, the suite of applications for Helse-Nordland’s main mission is now expanded

Director This is a captain. The leader reflects the newspaper’s position.

When the application deadline for a new director at Nordland Hospital expired, three applications were received. It wasn’t a bad word about them, but none of the three had experience in the health sector.

Very few candidates for senior positions in the largest health facility in Nordland came as a big surprise to many. Lots of statements have been released, not the least of which is that the job is going to be very challenging.

In recent years, Nordland Hospital has been around a perpetual struggle with the economy. The hospital renovation has gone completely out of control and entailed significant additional costs for the institution. It also affected operations and led to a continuous increase in the supply pressure of staff and patients.

But when some saw problems, they saw other challenges, and it was interesting that few wanted what was undoubtedly a prestigious job not only in Nordland, but in the health of Norway.

Fortunately, more than the top three applicants appear to be up for the challenge, and according to Chairman Odd Roger Enoxen, they are speaking to many applicants with a strong health and management background.

Enoksen tells AN that the board will likely make a decision this weekend to continue.

This is a very important work that the board of directors has to do here. Not just for Nordland Hospital and Health North, but for all of us. Nordland Hospital plays an important role in health services across Nordland.

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We can all get sick, so having a well-functioning hospital supply is critical. At the local, regional and regional levels. Nordland Hospital plays a major role in this and will largely do so in the years to come.

As editor-in-chief of Dagens Medisin, Markus Moe recently said in AN: In the future there will be more and more functional divisions, as in the case of PCI with UNN, where there should be good explanations and good interaction about division of labor, people and division of tasks.

UNN will continue to be the central hospital in Northern Norway in the future, while the need for strong local hospitals will also emerge.

Nordland Hospital plays a kind of mediating role in this system. It is not always easy to fill and requires insight and implementation to fill it correctly. At the same time, he or she must clean up finances and involve employees in the team.

The wrong person here can be very harmful to the entire state of health. So gladly the application pool has now been expanded, as it increases the chances of finding the “right” person.

Then the problems related to it will not disappear, but it will undoubtedly make solving them easier.

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