Denmark opens a diplomatic post in southern Ukraine

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Wednesday that Poland will no longer arm Ukraine and will focus only on defending itself. The Prime Minister made the statement just hours after Warsaw summoned Ukraine’s ambassador over a dispute over grain exports.

“We no longer transfer weapons to Ukraine, because we are now arming Poland with more modern weapons,” Morawiecki said when a journalist asked him whether his country was now arming Poland with more modern weapons. Kyiv Support will continue despite disputes over grain exports.

From the moment Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Poland has been one of its neighbour’s closest allies. It is one of the major arms suppliers Kyiv It provides shelter to approximately one million Ukrainian refugees who receive various forms of government aid.

Poland is disturbed by statements made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday during a United Nations meeting in New York. He said that the “political theater” surrounding grain exports from his country is only in Russia’s interest. Zelensky was referring to the ban on grain imports from Ukraine imposed by Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

According to Warsaw, putting pressure on Poland in the international arena such as the United Nations is not the way to resolve the conflict between the two allies. Poland says countries should not wage their conflict in the World Trade Organization. Kyiv A complaint was filed there on Monday about the behavior of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

Last spring, the European Union banned the export of Ukrainian agricultural products to some member states concerned with its agricultural sector. The European Union announced last week that it would stop this, but the three countries continued the ban on their own.

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This issue is particularly sensitive in Poland, where elections are scheduled to be held next month. Prime Minister Morawiecki’s ruling right-wing populist party, the Law and Justice Party, is particularly strong in agriculture-dependent regions. (AP)

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