Dermatologists are concerned about children using day creams on TikTok: “It can cause permanent skin problems” | News

A new trend on TikTok is encouraging kids and teens to use different types of day creams, serums and oils to improve their skin. British dermatologists are concerned about this trend and warn of skin problems. Even the British Association of Dermatologists, which researches skin problems, among other things, warns the BBC of damage that may be irreversible.

Many influencers and TikTok stars promote skin care products. Reality star Kim Kardashian’s TikTok account is also full of them. She also shows her 10-year-old daughter testing the products.

Also in Belgium

The most popular brand on TikTok is Drunk Elephant. A box of the brand’s day cream costs around 70 euros, but the products are very popular. Skin products are also being promoted by influencers in our country.

For example, TikTokker Jaël Ost recommends the brand Caudalie, and influencer Jamie-Lee Six recommends skincare products from Garnier, Mayline New York and Weleda. Sarah Putemans and Ender Schultens also advertise skin care products.

Jimmy Lee Six. © L

According to the BBC, skin products are dangerous because they contain substances that can harm children’s skin. This can cause eczema, cause blisters in children, and many young children discover that they have allergies.

Damage caused by acids in products

The damage is caused, among other things, by acids contained in cosmetic products, such as retinol. Dermatologists say that once skin is damaged, it often stays that way.

Eight-year-olds in particular use these products a lot, according to the BBC. Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson has now said children and teenagers should avoid the products.

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Dermatologists confirm that young children are allowed to apply “something” to their faces, for example sunscreen in the summer and a greasy cream in the winter, before going to bed.

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