Diablo 4 Season 1 will be revealed on July 6 – and that’s the gameplay

Even in the form in which Diablo 4 launched, it’s a brutal experience, with enough content to keep players occupied for a decent amount of time. Of course, Blizzard has plans to build the RPG as an ongoing, ever-changing experience, so there’s a steady stream of new and upcoming content in the timeline as well.

This stream begins with the first season of post-launch content for Diablo 4 this month, and Blizzard Entertainment will soon reveal what that entails. Blizzard has confirmed that Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora and Lead Game Producer Timothy Ismay will reveal Diablo 4 Season 1 and talk about some of the quality improvements that will accompany it in a new upgraded livestream on Thursday, July 6 at 11am PT.

In addition, the developer will also unveil a new class that will be added to the free-to-play mobile RPG Diablo Immortal.

Blizzard previously confirmed that players will need to create new characters to access Diablo 4’s seasonal content and Battle Passes, rather than being able to transfer progression from existing characters. The RPG’s seasons won’t continue the main story either – that will be in the form of full expansions, two of which are currently in development.

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