Dialogue in Brussels to normalize strained relations between Kosovo and Serbia: what is the conflict?

The aim of the talks is to prevent the recent tensions between the two countries from leading to a new conflict in the Balkans. With the talks, the European Union aims to re-normalize relations between the two countries and to find an acceptable solution to the disputes on both sides. “It is a very important step for both of them to come to Brussels to discuss how to move forward and how we can avoid situations that we have seen in the past,” she said in advance.

After the first exploratory meeting with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, Serbian President Vucic said: “I expect difficult talks, because we can hardly agree on anything. We have a history that is neither easy nor simple. But we want to promote more cooperation to avoid any form of escalation or conflict. “.

Stoltenberg spoke clearly this afternoon after the meeting. “NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo are ready to intervene if stability between Serbia and Kosovo is threatened. While the situation has improved in the meantime, it is the responsibility of all parties, especially officials from Belgrade and Pristina, to launch a new de-escalation.”

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