DICE will change the maps in Battlefield 2042

at Blog post The developer has clarified the problems that players face about the Battlefield 2042 maps. The most important one is undoubtedly the endless running and running of the game. DICE understands that players think it’s a “walking simulator” and that they want to work hard on it. By bringing the pickup points closer together, DICE hopes to create fewer marathons. Moreover, there are no clear paths to the goals, the maps are very large and open, so you can always see and be seen.

Acknowledging these issues goes so far that DICE will make future maps smaller. Remember when there were “Only in Battlefield” videos? You remember Pepperidge Farm… Nowadays, the BF 2042 battlefield has become too chaotic to have an overview. That’s why we now also look at the number of players in the game. 128 is really a lot and DICE is considering reducing that number to 64 in hack mode.

With the first season postponed until summer (!) and a Scoreboard delayed by a week It remains to be seen how quickly these important improvements will be implemented. In a blog post, DICE warned that it will take some time. While quality is more important than ever for Battlefield 2042, the watch suspects it’s too late for the game. Let’s hope the franchise can still be saved.

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