Director Terrence Malik knows that life begins with nature

The Tree of Life van Terrence Malick, 2011.Beeld Alamy Stock Images

What a case again. If you think you can escape the constant trouble and thunder in the fresh air, skirmishes break out everywhere. It’s not cute. There are fierce chases that end in a loud brawl. There is fighting and screaming. And every time peace seems to have returned, another peace begins from the beginning. There you are, scratch it! This is my land! Get out or something will wave!

This is how it is now, day in and day out.

Mammals called Homo sapiens have struggled since they were first hit by an epidemic a century ago. But the songbird that has been registered as the Corvus Coron gets it every spring. A person does not have to pass an exam to settle somewhere and reproduce. That’s why there are so many copies. But the crow is allowed to breed only if it invades a nutrient-rich area, builds a very strong nest in it, protecting the entire area and its offspring from invaders for ten months a year. This is intended only for the smartest and strongest specimens, the rest remain without children. It is now spring. The great work has begun.

Even a couple of weeks ago it was still peace and quiet in the world of City Crows. But then the hormones started to take over and the darker black adults took over the area. They now sit on their lookouts until they spot a competitor and rush up behind them. This is accompanied by a stunning flight full of hairpin bends and a show of strength. If you look at them long enough, you will discover the boundaries of their territories and see the outlines of a city map for crows.

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We have a privileged position in it, as a food source. Nothing goes unnoticed: what we leave behind is scrutinized by them. If something can be recycled, they will. When you look at them, they see it and try to understand you too. Are you a neutral bystander? enemy? Friend?

Watching crows has broadened my view of city life. Intelligent and social animals thrive in our dynamic environment. I think they are in better shape than we are now. They do not care about the epidemic, the economy, the formation of the government, diabolical plots, or some other disaster. They don’t count the days until vaccination or nursery, until the reopening of the cultural sector or the new James Bond. They always live here and now. They consider every situation with an open mind. What can we do about it?

in walking

Terrence Malick is not a Dutch town crow but an American filmmaker, yet he looks very much into the unseen details. Throughout his entire working period, he looked with an open mind and contagious amazement at the life of Homo sapiens and his position in landscapes, nature and the universe.

A connoisseur owner who has an exceptional connection with Hollywood and the world of cinema. He makes glowing lyrical films. When his first movie Badlands (1973) aired on BBC in the ’80s, I was an instant fan and had to make the five best movies of all time.

Malik became a living legend because after his second movie, Heaven days (1978), disappeared without a trace, but returned after twenty years with him The thin red line. He does not speak, explain, or promote. But there are stories of others, such as the producers who wanted him to make films again. They made an initial request with angelic patience, and when there was hope, Malik was gone again. It turns out that the genius has been walking for months, across the United States. For bird watching.

his latest movies, hidden life (2019), about an Austrian farmer who refuses to work as a conscientious objector. The farmer’s first words were: “I thought we could build our nest in the trees. Fly away like birds to the mountains. But it’s 1940. No tree is tall enough.”

Malik looked back at his nest Tree of the life (2011). The film spans from the Big Bang and prehistoric times to the present, but also contains a lyrical sketch of the struggling years of three siblings in a Texas village in the 1950s. The boys climb a majestic oak tree, higher and higher. This is how life begins with nature: in the tree. It does not matter whether you are a sane human being or belong to the Corvus Coron genus. That tree is yours for a moment and the world is at your feet.

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