Disease, Medicine / Health | The Norwegian Medical Association advises against the use of the Janssen vaccine

The Norwegian Medical Association advises against the use of Janssen vaccine. And the government opened, on Wednesday, vaccinations outside the vaccination program.

“Given the infection status and early access to more justified alternatives, the professional assessment is that Janssen vaccine should not be used,” the Norwegian Medical Association wrote in a press release on Wednesday.

The government has decided that residents can request a medical evaluation of the Janssen vaccine in special cases. It will be held from June 15 outside the vaccination program of the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH).

No doctor should be compelled to administer the vaccine, and its intake is voluntary. But the Norwegian Medical Association advises against using the vaccine.

We are still in our professional evaluation and do not recommend the Janssen vaccine. The reason is the potential for side effects, and because we have better options. The health benefits of using the Janssen vaccine are out of proportion to the health risks. This is the same assessment that the Norwegian Directorate of Health is based on, says association president Marit Hermansen.

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