Do you already know the latest Easter egg from Google Play Store?

Google comes with a new hidden feature in the Play Store. If your phone has been online for a while, you can temporarily play one of the three games available offline.

Easter egg on de Play Store

Speaking of hidden features on the Play Store, you might think about the new ones Google Play Points With which you can now get an additional discount in the Netherlands. We are not talking about that this time. What matters are three games that you will see when your phone is offline.

Previously, you only had the option to “Try again” in the Play Store or you can request to receive a notification when your phone is connected again. Google is now launching a new section called “Play While You Wait”. After that you will see the three games Hot Air Balloon, Solitaire and Snake.

Hidden games in Play Store


You may be familiar with the last two games, and they have been a part of Google Play Games for quite some time. Hot air balloon is a simple game where you can control a balloon by swiping left and right across the screen. This way you avoid all kinds of obstacles that will explode your balloon. The game is very reminiscent of the popular Google game that displays Chrome when you are offline. You know, that game with Dino Whoever jumps over obstacles.

The hot air balloon game was discovered in the Play Store icon last year by a reverse engineering expert Jin Wong, But it is only available now for first-time users. You can easily discover games by putting your phone temporarily in airplane mode and visiting the Play Store.

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Do you see new offline games in the Google Play Store? What’s your highest score in a hot air balloon? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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