Do you wear shoes or not indoors? You have to keep these bacteria out

Do you wear shoes or not indoors? It’s a long-standing debate between shoe purveyors and shoe enthusiasts. But what are you actually taking with you in terms of bacteria if you don’t take them off, and how do you deal with being shoeless in a fashionable way?

He notes that one example comes from the Asian and Scandinavian culture of removing shoes at the front door Watchman on me.

The bacteria you take into you

Experts attribute this change to people becoming more aware of germs. Gabriel Filippelli, a professor of earth sciences at Indiana University, says he first saw this with his son and his girlfriend, who imposed a ban on wearing shoes at home. “Friends’ kids have this too. I think it’s inspired by the growing awareness that the bottom of your shoes are really dirty. He now also has a take your shoes off policy.”

There’s certainly something to be said for that, especially in cities. “What can be brought in and tracked on shoes ranges from E. coli to heavy metals such as lead and petrochemicals to oils and lubricants,” he says.

Shoes outside inside

According to Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, a study of people’s shoes found that 95% of them had fecal bacteria on the bottom, and a third of them contained E. coli bacteria. “People walk on dog feces all the time without even realizing it,” he says. Watchman.

Gerba believes the pandemic has made people more aware of germs. Filippelli suggests that what we see on social media has an impact. “In many Asian cultures, entering someone’s house with your shoes on is strictly taboo. Maybe seeing this will make it more popular in other places.”

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Doors are open in fashion

Even in fashion, doors open if you have to take your shoes off indoors a lot. For example, fashion blogger Leandra Medine Cohen believes the trend can evolve because there are looks that work better when not wearing shoes. She recommends loose pants, short skirts or shorts, and socks. She recommends trying to look for socks that are fun, unique, and eye-catching.

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