Does vitamin C help with colds?

Where does this news come from?

Since Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling announced in the 1970s that vitamin C protects against various diseases, including the common cold, lozenges and other tablets containing the vitamin have been around. Booming business. They are sold to prevent and combat colds.

Since Pauling, many scholars have revisited this issue. in General study From Cochrane, researchers collected 29 studies that they examined Protective effect of vitamin C compared with placebo ().

  • Total approx 11,000 adults and children Participation in selected studies.
  • the results We are Doubtful: vitamin will Hardly any effect Most people have.
    • The common cold cannot be prevented, but it lasts for half a day at most. Instead of sneezing and sniffling for 7 days, you’ll get rid of it after 6.5 days.
    • To achieve such an effect, high doses of vitamin C must be taken daily for several years.
    • a exception Forms Intense athletes, such as marathon runners and soldiers in training. If they take more vitamin C in the weeks before intense physical exertion, their risk of catching a cold appears to be reduced by half.
    • to Who is already suffering from a coldTake nutritional supplements that contain vitamin C No effect at all.

How should you interpret this news?

Someone has On average, you need 100 mg of vitamin C daily. In our normal circumstances there Rarely or never lacking Because the vitamin is not only found in citrus fruits, it is also used as a preservative.

Some people swear by taking up to 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily to boost their resistance to colds and other illnesses.

  • that it Practically meaninglessunless you have Extreme athletic effort Keep it in your mind.
  • Fortunately, such high doses Hardly any side effectsYou urinate an excess of this water-soluble vitamin. Sometimes you can DiarrheaAnd abdominal cramps nausea performance. There is also an increased risk of developing it kidney stones.


There is no benefit from taking extra vitamin C to prevent colds. There is extensive research into this. Only in the case of intense sporting efforts, such as a marathon, can the vitamin reduce the risk of catching a cold.

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