Dogs can feel jealous even if you imagine their owner petting another dog

“I have two dogs, a dachshund, and a golden retriever. I always say that I cannot have three dogs because only two hands. If I start petting one of them, the other will definitely intervene,” says a dog expert from Holland Chris Dossuchoit. “I know that jealousy is present in dogs, but now there is a study from the University of Auckland that has shown it beautifully.”

Complex emotion

“Jealousy is a complex emotion. We know from dogs and cats that they share some basic emotions with us: joy, fear, disgust. But they have no shame or pride. Jealousy assumes that you not only perceive yourself, but also. Of your relationship with someone.”

Realizing that the things you desire can also go to another person is a small thing.

“And you can also think that the things you normally like, like sweet words or caress, could also go to someone else. Knowing that this is actually a little round.”

Search with the fake dog

“The research showed this very well. Scientists had come with their dogs. There was a fake dog in the room that looked like the real dog. The dog was introduced to the fake dog and so he knew there would be a dog with its owner.”

Using a leash attached to a force gauge, how difficult it was to drag the dog in a few positions was measured.

“The dog was then attached to a leash, which was strapped to a power meter. This force meter could determine how difficult it would be to drag the dog if he wanted to be with his owner and possibly that fake dog.”

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if and only if

“There were two conditions. After the dog saw the fake dog, a screen slipped in front of his nose so he could only see and hear its owner. He could no longer see the fake dog. The dog still heard that its owner praised the fake dog.”

“In the other case, the screen was removed and the fake dog replaced with a tube covered in wool. Then the owner praised the tube.”


As a result, she did not allow the dogs to be fooled by the poop and did not feel jealous. But if they suspect its owner was talking to the fake dog behind the screen, even though they couldn’t see it, then they pulled the leash hard. “

So dogs can feel jealous not only about something they can see, but even about something they imagine.

“Which means dogs can feel jealous not only about something they can see, but even about something they imagine.”

A different phenomenon

This research also reminds me of another phenomenon. If you take a dog alone and ask him to give him a paw every time you don’t reward him every time, he will keep doing it. But put two dogs next to each other, and ask both of them to offer a paw where you reward only one dog, then the other stops. ”

Envy of a typical dog

So now we are using terms that we might use with humans, but how much jealousy does humans really have in dogs? “It’s typical dog jealousy, in the sense that it only happens in the here and now and when they have a reason for jealousy.”

Dogs don’t feel upset.

“People can still feel jealous of someone without their behavior that makes us feel jealous. If you pet one dog during the day and not the other, the other dog will not attack the injured dog in the evening.

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